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"Handbuch zur Hütehundeausbildung"


Sandra Zilch

.....sorry, not available for quite a while in english.

Please look for the release date of the english book at, "Book". But not really soon. :-( 

I will tell you what you can expect, once its translated though:

• a printed version you can order with me. You can use this as a handbook when training
• an online version 

Since a normal, bound book does not leave any room for new ideas, developments and updated knowledge,
I decided for the online version too. I will have the possibility to add timeliness if needed,
since the training with my dogs and also with people and their dogs is quite dynamic and
I always try to leave space for new ways of teaching and training with the individual owner-dog teams.

The online version of the book will therefore be completed with case studies, alternative training methods
if a special probem arises and new knowledge. This way, trainingsideas and problemsolving
of your individual problems can be very current. You will have access to this platform (with the basic book plus the case studies,
problem related individual training examples and new knowledge) through a half year subscription,
with a short 8 day cancelling possibility toward the end of the subscription period.
I will offer a one month test subscription, as soon as the english book is online.
Please look for the release date of the english book at, "Book".
But be patient, it will not come very soon! 

The advantage

You will have easy access to the basic book, the add ons, updates, case studies,
new stuff I come to know because I will share it here with you.

The printed version will give you something to touch and use if you wish.

 "For   Free" offers for everybody who enters the different "Online Herdingsdogclinics"

All of you who enter clinics from my online offer will have also free access to the platform
including the basic book online and the additional offers described before. case you did not see the offer "Online Herdingdogclinics".....:

since the end of March 2020 I offer the

S Bar L Online Herdingdogclinics
You can book online clinics to different topics about and around the training of your herding dog.

Infos are on my homepage

Take care of yourself