With the purchase of products from your region, you as a consumer contribute to the protection of natural resources and the protection of the environment. And last but not least, to preserve regional agriculture and your cultural landscape.

In the beginning of 2009 we changed our cattle operation from breeding herdbook Charolais into keeping/selling yearling Charolais crosses. We will see how this works out. Maybe, one day in the future we will eventually have herdbook Charolais again.




We have a flock of about 70 - 80 females. We do not stick to a certain breed. We see the different characteristics of the breeds as a challenge and a positive thing when training the dogs. Plus we like the different behaviours. In breeding we prefer to cross the Rhönschafe and Heidschnucken with a Barbados ram.

The sheep are grazing on different smaller pieces of land that are too small for the cattle or horses. In winter we have a lot of small pastures around our farm that also belong to neighbours who are more than willing to let the sheep graze there.



The ducks at S Bar L 

We breed ducks for working. They are mixes between Rouen Claire meat ducks and Indian Runner ducks. This mix makes very good and strong ducks, ideal to be worked with dogs. They have a good bodyweight and have a rather calm temperament.

In fall each year we will sell well trained ducks!