We live on a small Farm in the northern part of Bavaria.

Lorenz did train western horses for over 30 years and showed very successfully. We have been breeding Quarter Horses for some time.

Now we have quit this part of the business more or less and have only boarding horses now and own one Paint Horse.

We breed cattle (Limousin/Charolais crosses) and always keep about 60-80 sheep of different breeds.

We work on about
40 ha of pastures.

Our Australian Shepherds are bred and trained to work stock. They work at home and we also participate in international herding trials very successfully with them.

Sandra Zilch is an ASCA Stockdog Judge.


More About Us

Like I said before, we live in northern Bavaria where we breed cattle and work on 35 ha of pastures. The industrial business includes boarding horses, riding lessons and clinics, breeding Australian Shepherds and training them on stock as well as doing herding clinics all over europe.

Lorenz was originally trained tobe a carpenter but his hobby always was to ride western horses. So he was one of the first people here in europe to train and show. He was very successful with different horses and among other wins he was European Champion Trail All Ages in 1990. He also was Reserve European Champion, German Champion, German Reserve Champion and several times Bavarian Champion All Around.
More and more people wanted to have their horses trained by him. So one day there was the decision to be made to train horses professionally or continue to be a carpenter. He decided fort he horse training and continued to be very successful.
In 1996 he came back to his parents little farm with the herdbook Chaolais breeding business. Until 2012 he did also train horses here. But more and more for outside riding, not for showing anymore.
Sandra came here in the end of 1996. First as a co-trainer fort he horses. She has a masters degree in Geography. All her life she had been into animals, especially horses and dogs. Her first dog was a 50 kilo Rottweiler girl she got from her dad when she was 13 years old. That really was not the dog she had dreamt of….but it was a dog after all. Unfortunately Sally could not come to university so she stayed home with the parents. One of Sandra´s jobs during studies was helping in an import stable for western horses.
Thats how she got to know the Australian Shepherds and also Lorenz during a riding clinic. They got married in 1997.
Lorenz had imported some really good Quarter Horse mares from the US and he had shown them very successfully. They did get some very nice, talented foals but in 2006 those mares were sold to a good breeder.
Sandra had purchased her first Australian Shepherd in 1991 (Leo), so the first Aussie was here already too.
Leo´s first interaction with the farm´s Charolais cattle was so eye opening (up to now he had been the nice guy who accompanied Sandra everywhere she went and was a very good companion for outside riding) : wow, here we had a herding dog who could bring back runaway calves.
The interest for the art of training herding dogs started with this.
We got two of Leo´s daughters and one of them started the breeding under the kennel name „S Bar L“.
That was in 2000.

You will find a chronology of the most interesting things that happened here below:


Our own bred Charolais Bull “Ambros“
wins the German Championship.
From 2011 on we no longer breed herdbook cattle, but switch to Charolais/Limousin crosses with some Simmenthal influence.

LZ Westerntraining
See: „Westerntraining

Film from the „ Hessischen Rundfunk“ television about the 100. Anniversary of the des Western movies.
Interview with Lorenz Zilch, December 1, 2003

S Bar L Working Australian Shepherds


Sandra purchases her first Australian Shepherd „Leo“


May und Junie, two of Leo´s daughters move in.


May has her first litter and starts the „S Bar L“ Australian Shepherd kennel.


Two days after Sept 11 (!) Sandra flies to Greeley, Colorado to see that Australian Shepherd Nationals and Stockdog Finals. First contacts to ASCA´s stockdog world are done and there is still a lot of contact with all the people who were met then.


May und Sandra participate in the Nationals Pre-Trial and the Nationals trial in Paso Robles, California. With big success.
More on May´s page.


For the first time, Solo und Sandra participate in the ASCA Stockdog Finals in all three classes of stock (New Jersey).
Result: # 7 on sheep, ducks AND cattle in the Finals.
OK, I thought, maybe I should do this again.


ASCA Stockdog Finals in Las Vegas.
Solo is Reserve Sheep Champion!


ASCA Stockdog Finals in Greeley, Colorado.
Solo wins the Advanced Cattle classes in both Pre-Trials
Advanced Sheep in the Nationals Stockdog Trial!


ASCA Stockdog Finals in Waco, Texas.
Solo is Reserve Cattle Champion!
wins High Combined in the Nationals Stockdog Trial!


ASCA Stockdog Finals in Westbend, Wisconsin.
Solo is
ASCA Stockdog Finals Champion Cattle Dog
Finals High Combined Dog

Solo´s Son S Bar L Obi Wan “Dude” is
together with his owner and our student Natascha Hartmann

Reserve Champion Cattle Dog
Wins Advanced Cattle in the Nationals Trial


Sandra Zilch is ASCA Provisional Stockdog Judge

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Have fun looking through our sites.

Sandra & Lorenz