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We Breed Working Aussies Since 1998

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photocredit:  Selena Hyon

WTCH Slash V Han Solo RD DNA-CP

ASCA Nationals 2011 in Wisconsin


  • 2011 ASCA Champion Cattle Dog
  • 2011 Stockdog Finals High Combined Dog

Nationals Trial:

  • 3rd place Advanced Ducks , Nationals Trial


S Bar L is an ASCA registered kennel

Hips and Elbows of our dogs are evaluated by Dr. Silke Viefhues

The eyes of our dogs are checked by Dr. Birgit Hafemeister

All of our dogs are trained by us, without exception!

Our Dogs

We wait to breed our dogs until they have proven their capacity and desire to work.  Not every dog we buy or keep from our own litters ends up in our breeding program. So from time to time you will find nice young dogs for sale that will be perfect for you and your needs.

Every Australian Shepherd in existence has negative traits along with his positive ones. In a breeding program, choices have to be made regarding the WHOLE picture...and we strive to make breeding decisions that represent our clear breeding goal. These choices ALWAYS involve weighing the negatives as well as the positives.  We plan everything with considerations for many, many details, and we make our decisions based on a lengthy research process.

Our breeding dogs are first of all choosen because of their potential as working stockdogs and their disposition that enables them to be usefull working partners. This needs to be tested and proven and therefore you will find some offspring on the individual dog pages who showed successful work, in different events.This is rather a side effect, as we do not first of all want to breed the allround Aussie who „does it all“. But of course we are proud of these successes of puppy buyers and their dogs .


We maintain an open-door policy in regards to sharing information with interested parties.  We welcome your inquiries!  However, we caution you that "word of mouth" from outside sources is often inaccurate, and certainly does not reveal our line of thought on the decisions we have made.  Please, just ask US. 




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As farm owners, we recognize the usefulness of working Australian Shepherds on our own place.

We work on about 35 hectars of mainly pastures.

We raise Charolais cross cattle and sheep, and work our dogs daily on our farm here in Northern Bavaria.

Our dogs have an area of about 6 hectars right behind the house, where they can run and play on pastures and a little wood. All dogs live together in a big pack. We only separate the males from the females when these are in heat.

We wish to promote the working Australian Shepherd to cattle breeders in Europe.

We strive to breed and own dogs that have high levels of working instinct, with the versatility to work various types of stock.

We have chosen proven working bloodlines in our breeding program, which we started in 1998 very successfully. When breeding, we only use dogs from complete stockworking ancestry.

Because we work our own dogs, we are aware of their capabilities and can provide advice and guidance to puppy buyers

All of our breeding stock must prove themselves to be even tempered, sensible, easy to handle and easy to train.  They have to be good with other dogs and towards people, and must present a balanced, overall nice temperament.

Keep in mind that noone wants a dog who cannot handle and control itself and its instincts.

And only a dog that can be handled and controlled easily makes a good working partner.

Good working stockdogs must have a level head, and this quality means they also make good Sport- and Companion dogs. This is proven by the successes of our offspring in other venues than herding (see the individual dogs pages)

We have the hip and elbow evaluations of our dogs done in Germany. Note that the evaluation systems used by OFA or PennHIP in the US are not really comparable to ours.

Note that the evaluation systems used by OFA in Noth America and ours is not easily to compare.

The variety for and OFA good for example can be from A1 to C1 here, shown already when dogs had evaluations from both systems.

We appreciate a goodlooking dog with correct structure.

But for us, working ability ALWAYS comes first.

One thing is clear to us: a dog with the right mind set that is genetically able to be a great working stock dog can definitely even out structural faults. Though, we have never seen it happen the other way around.

I would like to quote something here Ernest Hartnagle had written, that was printed in the autumn 1974 issue of the "National Stockdog Magazine" and reprinted in the Jan/Feb 2005 issue of the "Aussie Times":
"(...) Sound conformation is very important, but without the inherited working instinct preserved, the Breed as such would become practically useless. (...)".

But we think that its not enough to simply test instinct to make sure, that the working skills of a working stockdog are there in the right amount and right way and above all: to pass them on to the next generations.

We believe that a working Aussie from S Bar L is an amazing addition to any home and family that can provide a proper home and handling for this intelligent working breed.

photocredit: Linda Gray, Nationals 2011 in Wisconsin


In training at S Bar L you profit by our more than 12 years of breeding, training and trialing herding dogs, as well by the fact that we work the dogs on our farm on a daily basis.
Our students successfully learn to use their dogs in their beef or dairy cattle-, sheep- or goat operations.
Those who also want to trial their dogs can be taught how to do that, due to our wide experience from participating successfully in international trials.

Our experience is based on:

More than 12 years of trialing at ASCA inc., WEWASC e.V. and ABCD e.V. trials with several of our dogs, including Border Collies.

We went to he Nationals in Paso Robles, California with our female May. She won the open cattle class in the Pre-Trial and got her first advanced legs on cattle, sheep and ducks at the Nationals Trial (scores of 101, 110,5 and 104)

In 2007-2011 we participated in the National Pre-Trials, the Nationals Trials and the ASCA Stockdog Finals with our male „Solo“.
Here are his greatest wins:

ASCA Stockdog Finals in New Jersey:
7th Sheep
7th Ducks
7th Catte

ASCA Stockdog Finals in Las Vegas:
Reserve Champion Sheep Dog !

ASCA Nationals in Colorado:
High In Trial Cattle SWASA Pre-Trial
High In Trial Cattle LOBO ASA Pre-Trial
High In Trial Sheep ASCA Nationals Trial !

ASCA Stockdog Finals and Nationals Trial in Texas:
Reserve Champion Cattle Dog ASCA Stockdog Finals !
High Combined ASCA Nationals Trial !

ASCA Stockdog Finals in Wisconsin:
Champion Cattle Dog ASCA Stockdog Finals &
Finals High Combined !

Up to now:

8 of our dogs got the ASCA HOF title
10 of our dogs got the WTCH title
Taco is our first WTCH-X
16 dogs from our breeding/training got the WTCH title together with their owners
At the ASCA Stockdog Finals in 2011 a dog from our breeding and training won the Finals Reserve Champion Cattle title and the Nationals Cattle Champion title

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