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Because of frequent questions about the future puppy plans......here the presumable planning till 2021

Summer 2020

The litter will be born and raised at Nathalie Boheme´s (Midna´s owner) place in 46499 Hamminkeln
Contakt: boheme@lamerselectronic.de

Fall/Winter 2020

Spring/Summer 2021

Puppy Raising

Since every breeder has preferences and things he or she does not like: here are the main selection criteria we keep in mind when we plan a litter, the ones that are very much influenced by the genetic make up of a dog

  • No barking when working – we are not pleased that many people seem to think that one of the breed characteristics of the Aussie is to work with bark and with the tail up. This misconception is a disaster for the breed.     It is a strongly inherited trait.
  • Tail low while working – because this mirrors the work ethic of a dog. Or in other words: the work ethic of a dog shows up in his body language. We like dogs that work witb style.
  • Calm, laid back temperament and good nerves - because this enables a working dog to think before acting and to be able to develop his talent to its upmost.
  • „Good Biting“ - which means that the dog does not really harm when biting and that it does bite on the right spots and in the right moment without getting hurt himself and without getting "hot".
  • Soundness in Body and Mind
  • Our dogs can be reserved. Some are reserved ,others not at all. We do not want too much of it because we want our dogs be able to react normally in daily life situations.

Of course we spend a lot of time and do a lot of things with our puppies while raising them. They are integrated in the whole pack of dogs and all people who come for riding lessons are "forced" to go to the pups and spend time with them (....but most of the time we do not have to force them anyway....) so that they develop into outgoing and well socialized little "monsters".  From the 6th week on I take the puppies with me to the herding arena where they have a puppy pen as well. This way they ride in the car every day for short trips and get many new impressions.

puppy yard

When the puppies leave our place, they are: vaccinated, dewormed, microchipped, eye checked,  and they already have their ASCA registration.

We believe that we have a responsibility towards the breeders of our imported dogs.   We are not complicated and you can always talk to us and with us.

We don't think that we know everything or that we want to control everything. But we know for sure more about the bloodlines our dogs come from and the risks and problems in those lines than a beginner in the Aussie breed. And there are NO bloodlines without risks.



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