Double R Texas Smoke


  • DOB: Dec 28, 2005
  • Reg. with: ASCA
  • Color: Blue Merle -/w
  • Tail: docked / kupiert
  • MDR1: +/+




co-owned mit Elke Ritter


*Died Jan, 19, 2007.  Tex was run over by a car*

When I visited Terry in February of 2003 (when I was in Texas to pick up Ty), I saw her young male "Slash V Steel Smoke". I had seen him as a puppy when we picked up Solo and Rosie and I was very impressed when I saw him as a 1 year old. At Home again, I kept him in my mind. I rather thought that I would one day breed a female to him. When Terry told me about the nice litter he had had with a female called "Val" (owned by Rowdy Robinson, Double R and Russ Ford, Aggieland) and that the litter would be repeated in fall 2005, I thought about getting a male from that litter. Since I really have enough males here, I asked Elke Ritter from Spotted Horse Ranch if she would co-own a male with me. So we arranged everything and in march 2006 I was on my way to Texas again. I was very lucky too to meet Tex´ mom and two of his older brothers at a trial in Brenham, Texas (see pictures below).

Tex will be living at Elke, Axel and Matthias Ritter´s place in the north of Germany after his 4 weeks in rabies quarantine at our place here. This gives me the opportunity to evaluate him farther more. We truly expect a lot from him as he is not only a gorgeous blue merle, very correct and absolutely cute. He has a remarkable pedigree, great parents and relatives (I saw his dam and brothers at the trial work cattle......wow) and an absolutey great, calm and laid back temperament. Nothing can really upset him (also not driving 4 1/2 hours to Dallas in heavy thunderstorms and flash floods, usually takes 2 hours, being late and miss the airplane because of severe floodings all around Dallas/Fort Worth, bringing back the car in all that chaos, getting on the bus to go to the terminal, taking elevators and stairs in the terminal with all our luggage, booking a new flight back, getting a new car and driving back to Terry´s place, this time not so much flooding anymore and arriving very tired, telling all the dogs: hey, I have been to Germany, and back. It did RAIN all the time there. And now I am hungry).



Tex' Family Album!

Tex, Double R Apache Blue (brother) , Double R Zeke (brother), Aggielands Valentine Candy 0Z (mother)

Daddy Slash V Steel Smoke and son Double R Texas Smoke

Mother Val

Brother Blue

Human family...Russ Ford, Ruby and Rowdy Robinson

Pedigree of:

Double R Texas Smoke
Slash V Steel Smoke
Slash V Skipa Star DNA-CP
WTCH Diamond S Sam PATDs
WTCH Hangin Tree Dude PATDcs RD RTDcs DNA-CP
C Hangin' 5 Midnight Tazz STDcds
Slash V Key To Success STDsc RD
WTCH Judds Chickasaw Dan
WTCH Slash V Bittersweet
Slash V Bittersweet Frosting
45 Ranch Rems Cody STDc
WTCH Twin Oaks Fredrick Remington PATDcs RTDc
WTCH Windsongs Rip Rap DNA-CP
WTCH Slash V Bittersweet
WTCH Slash V Spirit of Aggieland RDg
Slash V Paper Doll
Aggielands Valentine Candy Oz
WTCH Aggielands Rocky Top 98-09
WTCH Slash V Spirit of Aggieland RDg
Ch Slash V Little Rock CD
Slash V Semi Sweet STDs OTDcd
Slash V Blue Lady
Slash V Lil Rowd
Zias Buckeye Charmer STDcs
Ricinda Reba of Pincie Creek STDcds
Hangin' Tree Partner STDcds
WTCH Hangin' Tree Working Blue RDX
Spring Fever Little Ruby Red
Slash V Cherry Cola
Black Powder Toby STDc ATDds
Slash V Paper Doll