S Bar L Online Herdingdogclinics

In times like we have them right now, it is inevitable to try out new things.
Something, I had on my mind for a while already, will be started now.
Thanks to Barbara Möller for the little push.

Facebook Group:
S Bar L Online Herdingdogclinics

This is how we will do it:

I will offer topics and you can enter via E-Mail.
When there are enough people interested for the specific topic, you pay the entry fee for the course and I create a closed group.
Then we can start.
You will find the announcement for new topic groups that can get started on the FB Group "S Bar L Online Herdingdogclinics".
Of course you can also ask me for specific topics you want to work on. Please contact me via E-Mail.

Here are the offers:

Basic Course

In this first course I will show you the basics of my herdingdog training in short videos of a dog, that is getting started on sheep.

Inclusive explanations in written text.

No fees.

This first course is interesting for everybody who has an inexperíenced dog to start on sheep as well as for more advanced handlers, since I show the basics of pen work too.

There will be a closed group created for this, so please write to me via E-Mail if you want to sign up for this. This offer will last until April 30.

If you like the concept, we will start with the different topic groups and trainings components.

You can find an overview on

"S Bar L Online Herdingdogclinics"

I will offer you one topicgroup or component at a time.

We are doing it via closed FB groups or on another platform...I still need to make my mind up.

Online-Clinics about topic groups and their components

• Timeframe for one clinic: 30 days, Online-Coaching within the group of people who are entered, discussion of uploaded videos within the group.
Tuesdays till Fridays and when there is an emergency.

• booking per clinic, maximum 15 entries

• Price:
75,00 €
S Bar L offspring 65,00 €

Online 5 card for individual support

Additionally you can of course contact me personally via E-Mail if you rather want individual support.

We will analyse your problems and work out a trainingsplan. Based on your dogs individuality and the individuality of your situation.

• Individual Online Support
Included is: five videos to analyse, Online-Coaching via telephone, WhatsApp and/or E-Mail.
Tuesdays till Fridays and when there is an emergency.

• Price per online 5er-card:
210,00 €
S Bar L offspring 160,00 €

General Support

You do not have lifestock at home or are planning to have lifestock in the future, but want to get information about raising and working a herdingdog?

You own a herdingdog and have problems in your daily life?

You can contact me via E-Mail


I will be happy to help you.

This service is of course for free.

S Bar L Sandra Zilch
Haibacherstr. 118
63768 Hösbach

S Bar L Online Herdingdogclinic

Mobile und WhatsApp: +49 (0) 160 611532 or 0160 / 6116532

Bank Information:
Raiffeisen-Volksbank Aschaffenburg
IBAN: DE64 7956 2514 0108 9069 20

Sorry, the book I am offering soon is for now only available in german.